Token2Shell Utility Pack includes small command-line utility programs that should help simplify or automate Token2Shell related tasks. If you have any question or need our assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at


Converts an XML file to Token2Shell address book entry files. If "t2s-ab-tmpl.xml" file exists in the same folder as the executable, it will be used as a base file for newly converted Token2Shell address book entry files. To create a "t2s-ab-tmpl.xml" file, simply create an entry in Token2Shell address book with your preferred options (ex. SSH preferences, screen font options and etc.), and rename it to "t2s-ab-tmpl.xml".

Once the conversion is completed, copy or move the newly created '' folder to Token2Shell Home Folder.


t2s-ab.exe [-p] [-g] [xmlfile]

-p If specified, the value of "Password" attribute is assumed to be encrypted in AES128 (Base64).
-g If specified, XML entries for an 'Rlogin' connection are saved as SSH2 connection address book entries.
xmlfile A source XML file that will be converted to Token2Shell address book entry files.
The elements and attributes of a source XML file are modeled from
mRemoteNG ( Hence, if you're using
mRemoteNG and wish to migrate its connection entries to
Token2Shell, you simply need to use mRemoteNG's "confCons.xml"
file (usually found under C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData
\Roaming\mRemoteNG). You should also be able to directly use
an exported mRemoteNG connection file; [ File ] -> [ Save
Connection File As ]. (mRemoteNG connection file itself must
not be protected or encrypted.)



    [ Attributes ]

    Name     : File or folder name

    Type     : Type of the "Node" element (case-insensitive)

    Protocol : Connection method (case-insensitive)
               "Rlogin" (Ignored unless -g option is set.)

    Hostname : Server address
    Port     : Server port number
    Username : Login username
    Password : Login password (Plain text unless -p option is set.)


Generates an encrypted password that is suitable for the "Auto Login" field in a Token2Shell address book entry file.


t2s-pw.exe [-n] [password]

-n If specified, the trailing newline character is not printed.
password If your password includes space or other special characters, make sure it is within Windows command line argument escaping rules. For example, if your password has space characters, you need to wrap your password with double-quotation marks:
t2s-pw.exe "my password   "