You can select any font installed on your Windows for Token2Shell/MD terminal screens. However, as most server programs expect every output characters to have an equal width and use that assumption to align output columns, we highly recommend choosing a monospaced (fixed-width) font.

In some occasions, even if you have selected a monospaced font, screen output columns can get misaligned. For example, the screenshot below shows an output from Byobu ( server software while using Consolas ( font.

The misaligned columns shown in the above screenshot happened due to the '⟫' (U+27EB / MATHEMATICAL RIGHT DOUBLE ANGLE BRACKET) prompt character. Consolas font doesn't include this character and it triggered Windows to automatically apply another font that actually contains the character (the following space characters are also affected by this alternate font).

In Windows 10, this alternate font seems to be Segoe UI Symbol and that font is a proportional font where characters have varying widths.

There are several ways to solve this problem:

1. Replace the problem causing characters

In the above Byobu example, '⟫' (U+27EB) is a somewhat rarely used character hence you can replace that character from your Byobu configuration file with a more commonly used character such as '>' that Consolas font supports. Please check Byobu documentation or contact the author for more details on changing the prompt character.

You can also disable the Byobu prompt altogether and use your original prompt by using the following command:


If you wish to re-enable it, use the following command:


Byobu also has a script that toggles its Unicode character usage on or off. If you're using Ubuntu (, you should be able to run the following command:


When it's toggled off, all Unicode symbol characters it uses on its status notifications and prompt are reverted back to ASCII friendly characters (you need to restart Byobu and open a new shell window to see the change applied).

2. Select a monospaced font that actually contains the problem causing characters

DejaVu Sans Mono ( font seems to include the '⟫' (U+27EB) character and many other Unicode symbols. Thus simply selecting this font from Token2Shell/MD settings can solve the problem.

Please note that after installing new fonts, you need to restart Windows Store apps including Token2Shell/MD in order to have the apps fully recognize the new fonts.

We did some Internet searching and found several free monospaced fonts that seem suitable for Token2Shell/MD. Our list can be found at

3. Change Windows font mapping table

Windows doesn't include any utility software for changing its font mappings. However, Windows probably manage the font mappings via its registry settings.

Thus we can perhaps modify the registry and make Windows to use DejaVu Sans Mono instead of Segoe UI Symbol just for Consolas font. But, font mappings can be different depending on the regional and language settings of your Windows. Incorrectly modifying the registry can also lead to unexpected side effects and system instability. So, we definitely are NOT recommending such registry modifying methods.