Unless you create an address book entry and override the options, a connection is established based on the options set in [ Menu ] » [ Options ].

The keyboard mapping selection items found in [ Menu ] » [ Options ] » [ Terminal Defaults ] are managed in [ Menu ] » [ Options ] » [ Keyboard Mappings ]. You can use this manager to create a new keyboard mapping file or edit the existing one. Color mappings are also managed in the same manner.

Token2Shell/Mobile includes built-in bitmap fonts and supports any font installed on your device. However, if you are planning on using Windows font, you should choose a fixed-width or mono-spaced font for proper text alignments on the terminal screen.

Please also note that the character code pages supported in Token2Shell/Mobile are derived from your Windows Mobile OS configuration. If you wish to add more character code pages, please consult your OS manual and install additional language packs if available.