Starting from version 10.14.0, Token2Shell/MD supports URI protocol schemes such as "ssh://" and "telnet://" for starting a session from external sources (ex. web browser, command line and etc.).

For example, when you enter the following from the Command Prompt, Token2Shell/MD is launched (if not already running), and an SSH session is started for connecting to the host "" with a user name "myid".

start ssh://myid@

The following URI schemes are supported and they correspond to the connection types supported in Token2Shell/MD.

URI SchemeConnection Type
ssh SSH
telnet TELNET
tcp TCP Direct
t2ssh SSH
t2tcp TCP Direct
t2ab Address Book entry
  • Must use 3 slashes for defining the path for the entry instead of usual 2 slashes (ex. t2ab:///folder path/entry-name)
  • If a URI ends with a slash (ex. t2ab:///folder-name/), it'll be interpreted as a folder path and the Address Book side-panel is opened.
t2serial Serial
t2btrf Bluetooth