If the connection is slow or you need to send the same set of commands repeatedly, Line Sender can be a handy tool. In Line Sender pane, each line is sent to the currently selected session as you press <Enter>. You can also set the Line Sender to broadcast the text line to all connected sessions.

You can enable or disable Line Sender by clicking button . If button is in press-down state, Line Sender is enabled and your text line will be sent to the servers as you press <Enter> key according to the current sending mode.

In order to change the current sending mode, click button and select one of the sending modes from the popup menu.

Clicking button sends all text content to the connected servers according to the current sending mode.

Line Sender text content can be loaded from or saved to a file by using button popup menu. You can also drag-and-drop a file on Line Sender to have its content loaded.


  • Pressing <Enter> key sends the full line regardless of the current cursor position. If you wish to send the line up to the current cursor position and start a new line from that position, press <Ctrl> + <Enter>.
  • If you make a text selection via mouse or <Shift> + <Arrow Key> keyboard combinations, pressing <Enter> key will only send the selected text.
  • You can set or unset a line bookmark by pressing <Ctrl> + <F2>. Pressing <F2> or <Shift> + <F2> moves the cursor to the next or the previous line bookmark.

Syntax Highlight

Starting from version 6.2.0, Line Sender supports syntax highlighting. The configuration files for syntax highlighting are located under "syntax" folder of your Home Folder.

The configuration files are plain text files in XML format. Hence, if you need to modify configuration (ex., adding new keywords), simply open the configuration file from any text file editor and change the settings.

If you wish to reload the syntax highlight settings without re-launching Token2Shell, first select "None" from "Syntax Highlight" menu and then select it back to your original choosing.