Unless you create an address book entry and override the options, a connection is established based on the options set in [ Tools ] » [ Options ] » "Session Defaults".

If you wish to create or change keyboard mapping assignments, you can use the "Terminal" portion of "Session Defaults". When you select the "Keyboard Mapping" item in Terminal section, you can access the management menus for creating and changing keyboard mappings. Color mappings can also be managed in the same manner.

Token2Shell includes built-in bitmap fonts and supports any font installed on your computer. However, if you are planning on using Windows font, you should choose a fixed-width or mono-spaced font for proper text alignments on the terminal screen.

Please also note that the character code pages supported in Token2Shell are derived from your Windows OS configuration. If you wish to add more character code pages, please consult your OS manual and install additional language packs.