When you first install our desktop or server software, it runs in trial mode. Our software running in trial mode has no functional limitations; it only has 30-days usage restriction. During the trial period, you should be able to explore features and quality of our software and ensure its suitability for your requirements.

In order to end the trial mode and remove the usage restriction, you need to purchase a license. A license can be purchased online via our order page at http://choung.net/purchase.

Your order is processed within 1 business day (usually completed within a couple of hours) and you'll receive "User ID" and "Activation Code" via email. You need to apply this code on the software in order to remove the trial version limitation.

For applying your activation code, you need to open "Software Activation" window. The below shows where the menu for this window is found for each of our software. Please note that you *MUST* have the Internet connection in order to complete the activation process.



RAH (Remote Access Hub)

License Transfer Code

If you purchased a new computer and wish to transfer your license on the old computer that's no longer in use to this new computer, you simply need to enter your existing activation code. Our activation server will evaluate your request and generate a "License Transfer Code". This code will be sent to the email address that's linked to the activation code. You can then enter your "License Transfer Code" and complete the activation process.

Please note that our activation server heuristically determines the eligibility of a license transfer code in order to minimize its abuse. Hence our server may reject your request to transfer license. In such case, please contact sales@choung.net along with your purchase information and brief reasons for transferring the license.

Please keep in mind that as our license terms are per computer basis, you can only activate the software on computers up to the number of licenses you purchased. For example, if you purchased 5 licenses, you can install and activate the software up to 5 computers.

Software activation procedure for Token2Shell version 5.x customers

Starting from version 6.0.0, Token2Shell uses a new software activation method that coincides with our other products. So the license key you received for version 5.x will *NOT* work on the version 6.0.0 and higher.

However, since we are offering free upgrades to version 5.x customers for version 6.0.0, we have prepared new activation codes that can be derived from customer's existing software activation info. If you're a Token2Shell 5.x customer, please use the following fields from your existing software activation info to activate Token2Shell version 6.0.0.


  • Multiple activations on the same computer.

    When you activate our software it calculates a unique ID based on your computer hardware configuration and logs it while downloading a license key. As long as you don't change hardware components (ex. replace motherboard, CPU and etc.), this ID will remain the same.

    A software activation request from a computer with the same ID does not decrease the number of available licenses you purchased. You should be able to check such status during the software activation process.

  • Internet connection is required for software activation.

    You *must* have the Internet connection during the software activation process. The software needs to download a unique license key for your computer. However, once the process is completed, the Internet connection is no longer needed.

  • OS reinstallation and software activation.

    The computer ID we use for software activation is based on hardware components. Hence even after an OS reinstallation or upgrade, it should remain the same.

  • Email address for receiving "License Transfer Code".

    "License Transfer Code" is sent to the email address that was used for purchasing the license. If you wish to change this email address, please contact sales@choung.net with your purchase record.

    If you purchased multiple licenses, the email will only be sent to the primary email address used for purchasing the license. For security reasons, we'll not provide a license transfer code to other individuals even if he or she has access to a license activated copy of the software.

  • License on virtual machines.

    Our license terms are per computer basis and determining whether or not the software is running on a separate computer is based on the software's point of view.

    Virtual machine software provides multiple virtual computers on a single hardware, but since the software running on each virtual computer sees the environment as a standalone computer, it'll be considered as such. So, if you are planning on running our software on virtual machines, you need to purchase separate licenses for each of them.