You can now have Token2Shell/Mobile, a rock-solid SSH client for Windows Mobile. So, stop playing games on your phone and let's have some work done!

Quick Connect

Comprehensive SSH Support

Token2Shell/Mobile supports all the widely used algorithms and methods for SSH connections. Once Token2Shell/Mobile is installed, simply enter your server address and tap Connect!

  • Authentication Methods
    Password, Keyboard-Interactive, Public Key, Host-Based
  • Ciphers
    AES, 3DES, Blowfish, CAST, ARCFour
  • MAC(Message Authentication Code) Algorithms
    MD5, MD5-96, SHA1, SHA1-96, RIPEMD160
  • Key Exchange Methods
    diffie-hellman-group1-sha1, diffie-hellman-group14-sha1,
  • Hostkey Types
    RSA, DSA
  • Data Compression
    none, zlib
  • Authentication Methods
    Password, Public Key
  • Ciphers
    Blowfish, 3DES, DES
  • Hostkey Types
  • Supports data compression.

Common Features
  • Supports PEM private/public key file format used in OpenSSH. Also supports the file format used by SSH2 servers from
  • Supports SSH tunneling via dedicated standalone application.
  • Supports XTerm/ANSI/VT100/VT102/VT52 terminal emulations.

Along with robust SSH features, Token2Shell/Mobile also supports TELNET, TCP Direct, Serial(COM) Port and Modem(Phone) connections.



Token2Shell/Mobile includes a dedicated standalone application called "Token2Shell.SSHpf/Mobile" for SSH tunneling. Token2Shell.SSHpf/Mobile runs transparently in the background and provides tunneling or port forwarding for other applications.

Token2Shell.SSHpf/Mobile Status Icon

Designed for Mobile Environment

Session Screen with Built-in Bitmap Font


Windows Mobile devices usually do not include function keys (<F1>, <F2> and etc.) or special editing keys (<ESC>, <Page-Up>, <Page-Down> and etc.) commonly found on desktop PC's. But in order to effectively manage a remote host, you need those keys and ability to re-map them. Token2Shell/Mobile has a virtual form of those keys. This feature is called "Keybar" in Token2Shell/Mobile and you can activate it by tapping the Keybar menu button.

When you tap the Keybar button, the menu-bar area is changed to show 12 function/special key buttons. Depending on the model of your device, you can select a key from Keybar by tapping its assigned screen area, or pressing its assigned number using device's keypad.


Token2Shell/Mobile supports a unique feature called "SmartClick". With SmartClick, any word or menu string appeared on the screen can be automatically sent to the server just by tapping the word. Tapping the screen can also send mouse position data to the server application that utilizes X-Window's XTerm mouse tracking extensions. Server applications with such feature enable the user to navigate or use the application just by tapping the screen with a stylus.

Property Scroll Example

Built-in Bitmap Fonts

Although you can use any font installed on your Windows Mobile device, Token2Shell/Mobile includes bitmap fonts suitable for terminal text display.

Virtual Screen Size with Drag-and-Scroll

Your Windows Mobile device may not be able to display full lines of text due to its limited screen size. In such case, you can set the "virtual screen size" in Token2Shell/Mobile. When this size is set and the resolution of your device cannot support the dimension you specified, Token2Shell/Mobile allocates a virtual screen. On touch-screen devices, you can access any part of the virtual screen by drag-and-scroll with a stylus or finger.

Property Scroll

We have created a brand new user interface control we named "property-scroll". It displays options and data in elegantly categorized manner. You can navigate through options in property-scroll with directional pad and easily view/update associated data.

Seamless Feature Integration

Features in Token2Shell/Mobile are not just a collection of small utilities, they actually evolve around the communication session to help you efficiently accomplish your tasks.

Address Book

Address Book

Token2Shell/Mobile includes Address Book for saving session configurations. Configurable options for a session entry include detailed connection and terminal setup. You can even assign different font and foreground/background colors for each entry. You can also create folders to categorize or group the entries.

Login Agent

When Login Agent is enabled, Token2Shell/Mobile caches passwords and decrypted private keys for SSH sessions. Hence, you do not need to enter your password repeatedly to log into the same server. For cached private keys, you can also enable "Agent Forwarding" option. This Agent Forwarding feature is compatible with the "public-key" user authentication method of OpenSSH servers.

SSH2 File Browser

Token2Shell/Mobile has a unique file transfer feature for SSH2 connections. It incorporates SFTP and SCP of SSH2 protocol to maximize the file transfer speed while maintaining the convenience of choosing files and folders via graphical user interface.

SSH2 File Browser

In SSH2 sessions, you can start downloading files from the remote directory you were working on just by using "SSH2 File Browser" from the File Transfer menu. You do not need to login again or make a separate connection, i.e., Token2Shell/Mobile simply uses already established connection. You can also upload files and/or folders in the same manner.

Upload Mode

As the file transfer is done over the existing session, Token2Shell/Mobile intelligently maintains the character code encoding for file/folder names between the local device and the remote host. For example, if you have a local file name in Unicode/Korean characters and the remote host uses UTF-8 multi-byte character encoding, simply make sure you have set the character code page for the session as "UTF-8". Token2Shell/Mobile will then automatically convert the names when you download or upload files.

Token2Shell/Mobile also supports ZModem and XModem file transfer protocols.

Convenient Built-In Tools

Command Macro

You can prepare a text file with list of command lines and play the file via Token2Shell/Mobile. The connected remote system will see the played file as command lines that were typed and sent by you. Token2Shell/Mobile also supports a set of wait/send style script commands.


When this function is enabled, a combo-edit box is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can use the edit box to prepare text or command string and send it later by pressing <Enter>. Textbar also remembers recently sent text lines, so you can send the same text simply by selecting it from a list.

Hardware Button Assignments

If your device has customizable hardware buttons, you can assign various functions in Token2Shell/Mobile to those buttons. Assignable functions include sending function key or special key sequence and invoking command macro menu. These function key assignments are usable only when the session is active. Once the session is closed, all assignments are reverted back to their original setting.


Full Screen Mode

While connected to a remote host, you can activate "full screen" mode. In full screen mode, nothing but the terminal screen is visible.


For quick testing of your Internet connection, Token2Shell/Mobile includes PING and TRACE-ROUTE tools. The PING feature of Token2Shell/Mobile also supports an Audio Feedback option. When you enable this option, you will hear a beep sound for every successful PING test, which allows you to adjust your Internet configurations without looking at the PING result screen, i.e., if you hear constantly sounding beeps that means your connection is working properly.

Desktop Ready!

When you need to use a desktop PC or laptop, simply copy the home data folder of Token2Shell/Mobile from your Windows Mobile device to that computer, and launch Token2Shell for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Token2Shell/Mobile shares a large part of its configuration settings with Token2Shell such as address book entries, command macro and etc. So, you can immediately start working on your servers just by assigning the copied home data folder to Token2Shell.

Token2Shell for Windows 2000/XP/Vista