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PkgdView Terminal is now Windows 10 IoT ready!

PkgdView Terminal version 10.8.0 is now released to Windows Store. We've improved its user interface and internals to properly support Windows 10 IoT operating systems. By using PkgdView Terminal, you can build web content based on local files or the Internet and package them into a file. Once you have that packaged file, you can […]

Need to find an Address Book entry? Try using File Explorer!

Token2Shell/MD currently doesn't support searching Address Book entries within the app. However, since its Address Book entries are saved as individual XML plain text files, you can easily do a search using Windows File Explorer. The newly released Token2Shell/MD version 10.14.0 now also supports directly starting a session by double-clicking an Address Book entry file […]

NEW! Print to Paperesso and energize your productivity!

Paperesso is now available on Windows Store. You can print to it from any app including legacy desktop programs; you simply need to select a Paperesso printer and do your printing as usual. Once Paperesso has your printout, you can freely view the pages and write notes just like real papers!

Token2Shell/MD now works seamlessly with Windows Task View (Virtual Desktop)

Token2Shell/MD version 10.13.0 is released to Windows Store. It includes the following improvements and bug fixes: Token2Shell/MD can now be opened and managed for each Windows Task View (Virtual Desktop). Please note that switching among Task Views in Windows 10 works like minimizing and restoring apps in group. Unlike traditional desktop apps, Windows Store apps […]

Token2Shell/MD now has a faster AES-CTR cipher

The following summarizes new features and changes in version 10.12.0: AES-CTR cipher is improved and should now provide faster speed for built-in SFTP/SCP. Token2Shell/MD makes use of the AES cipher API's built into Windows 10. However, we've now optimized the routines for accessing those API's and achieved better overall performance. Layout Freezer can now be […]

Token2Shell/MD now has Layout Freezer; save the position and size of floating terminals and reload them whenever you need!

The following summarizes new features and changes in version 10.11.0: You can now save and restore the layout of floating terminal windows using the new "Layout Freezer" under [ Window ] menu. Connections are also re-established if they were active when the layout was saved. You can create multiple saved layouts and also have an […]

Token2Shell/MD now ready for ChaCha20-Poly1305 and TLS 1.2

ChaCha20 is a stream cipher and Poly1305 is a data authenticator and both algorithms are known for their high-performance. These two algorithms are combined and formed the "chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com" cipher method for OpenSSH. Token2Shell/MD now also supports chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com. When this method is selected for a session, your setting for the MAC algorithms (ex. hmac-sha2-256-etm@openssh) will be […]