PkgdView Terminal is now Windows 10 IoT ready!

PkgdView Terminal version 10.8.0 is now released to Windows Store. We've improved its user interface and internals to properly support Windows 10 IoT operating systems.

By using PkgdView Terminal, you can build web content based on local files or the Internet and package them into a file. Once you have that packaged file, you can effortlessly replicate the settings on other PkgdView Terminal installations. PkgdView Terminal also supports SSH and TELNET text terminal sessions.

Please contact for more information about the customization and pricing for your Windows 10 IoT version of PkgdView Terminal. Do you need a demo version that can be sideloaded to your x86/x64/ARM IoT devices? No problem. Just drop us a line!

NEW! PkgdView Terminal is now available on Windows Store!

Stop mixing personal web surfing with business!
Get PkgdView Terminal just for your work!

Be ready to show your portfolio or presentation without worrying about embarrassing browsing history or bookmarks! Let your coworkers or employees use their favorite web browser for their personal errands but let them be professional and efficient while on their job by providing them with a special web browser that brings consistent settings and user experience!

PkgdView Terminal also includes a rock-solid modern SSH client. Thus if your job involves using a web browser and/or text-based server programs, you can easily consolidate and simplify your workflow with PkgdView Terminal. You can even have your remote PDF files previewed and printed on a local printer over SSH or directly from websites.

For more information about PkgdView Terminal, please visit: