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Setup Token2Shell with your favorite colors; you can now import color schemes from iTerm2 and MacOS Terminal

Color schemes can now be imported from iTerm2 (*.itermcolors) and MacOS Terminal (*.terminal) Looking for cool color schemes? Check out this GitHub repository: https://github.com/mbadolato/iTerm2-Color-Schemes Keyboard mapping files are updated. The new files will be copied when you freshly install Token2Shell. However, if you already installed Token2Shell and having problems using function keys or other special […]

Token2Shell can now search subfolders for its background image

When you have organized your background images in subfolders and want Token2Shell to randomly select an image from those subfolders, you can now enable the "Search subfolders" option. Italic and strikethrough text styles are now supported. The new styles can improve your productivity while using server programs such as Vim. For example, while editing codes […]

Token2Shell/MD version 12.3.0 is now available for download

"3des-cbc" cipher is added for connecting to legacy devices. Please note that 3des-cbc is considered a weak cipher and shouldn't be used unless it's the only option. Token2Shell/MD can now properly handle serial devices without a COM port name; you can directly use its full device ID (ex. USB\VID_####&PID_####\...).

Token2Shell can now do Docker!

Docker containers can now be created and managed from Token2Shell via newly added 'Docker Console' Docker containers can now be directly connected from Token2Shell without installing any additional program (ex. OpenSSH server) Sessions can now be kept alive by automatically sending a special SSH message or a string of characters (Idle Monitor) Line Sender can […]

Token2Shell/MD is now simply Token2Shell!

In efforts to develop apps that are more tightly integrated with and fully optimized for Windows 10, we have upgraded our Windows developer account. But unfortunately Microsoft currently doesn’t provide a way to transparently migrate existing apps from one developer account to another. All in all, we are releasing a new version of Token2Shell/MD from […]

Can your text terminal do programming ligatures in fonts?

Some fonts such as Fira Code include ligatures for commonly used multi-character programming signs and symbols. When appropriately used, such ligatures can greatly improve the readability of your codes. When you want to use a TrueType font with programming ligatures, simply install it as a regular Windows font and select it from Token2Shell/MD. If you […]

Character input becomes more responsive and seamless in Token2Shell/MD

Token2Shell/MD version 11.2.2 is now available at Windows Store. The new version is more tightly integrated with Windows character input system and no longer needs its own "Character Input Buffer" option. Overall character input experience in Token2Shell/MD should now be more responsive and seamless. Especially if you're using an IME (Input Method Editor) for Chinese/Japanese/Korean […]

Token2Shell/MD gets a touch of fluent design in the new update

Fluent Design System is the future look-and-feel of Windows 10. It's not yet available in the official release of Windows 10 SDK but we were able to implement one of its noticeable elements, acrylic background, for Token2Shell/MD. In order to support this new acrylic background, Token2Shell/MD now requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393) or […]