Token2Shell/MD version 12 gets new tabs on top and offers cleaner and simpler UI

  • Window tabs are now shown on top in cleaner and minimal layout! If your terminal windows are in floating mode, you can also completely hide the tabs.
  • Each terminal window now has its own find pane. You can activate this pane via the 'Find' menu or keyboard shortcuts: ALT+F or CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN
  • SVG images can now be directly viewed in Graph window using an escape control sequence: "ESC]72;<svg></svg>BEL". Displaying embedded bitmap images within SVG is also supported.

    This feature is compatible with generating standalone SVG image output in 'gnuplot (' version 5.2 and higher. In gnuplot, simply set the terminal type to 'domterm'; your output will be automatically transferred to Token2Shell/MD and displayed on Graph window.