Token2Shell/WP is now $.99 (USD)

Our new Token2Shell/MD ( is freshly built upon the new Windows 10 Universal App Platform. As such, Token2Shell/MD covers both Desktop and upcoming Windows 10 Mobile.

Thus Token2Shell/WP will eventually be phased out and replaced by Token2Shell/MD. However, since Token2Shell/MD is a brand new app for the new platform, the initial releases of Token2Shell/MD won't be as feature rich as Token2Shell/WP. Also, some of the features in Token2Shell/WP will never be available in Token2Shell/MD.

In order to minimize confusion and compatibility issues between the two versions, we'll be releasing Token2Shell/MD as a separate app. Thus Token2Shell/WP will *NOT* be upgraded to Token2Shell/MD. Token2Shell/MD must be purchased again separately.

We'll be offering discounts for Token2Shell/MD when it's initially released to ease the migration from Token2Shell/WP to Token2Shell/MD. We also have lowered the price of Token2Shell/WP to $.99 (USD).

Please note that purchasing Token2Shell/MD now from Windows Store covers both Desktop and Mobile versions. Although Token2Shell/MD does not yet include a Mobile version, it'll be offered free of charge to existing customers when it's included.

Thank you again for your support of our software!

Token2Shell/WP version 5.3.0 is released

Token2Shell/WP now includes the following in-app tools for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. You can purchase and use these tools when Token2Shell/WP share server is active.

  • Token2Shell/PT for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

    This is a portable version of Token2Shell for Windows. It shares the same address book entries and other essential settings with Token2Shell/WP.

  • SSHpf/PT for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

    This is a portable version of Token2Shell.SSHpf that is included with Token2Shell for Windows. It provides SSH port forwarding for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

Token2Shell/WP version 5.2.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • You can now assign a sound (.wav) file for the ASCII BELL (Ctrl+G) control character. Token2Shell/WP will play that sound whenever it receives the character from the connected server.

    If you wish to play your own custom sound file, you just need to create it as a .WAV file and copy it to "Token2Shell\sound" folder while connected to Token2Shell/WP share server in Windows File Manager.

  • Camera preview area for barcode scanning is moved to the bottom of the screen while in portrait mode. The preview area is also a bit darkened to improve terminal text visibility.
  • You can now control barcode scanning focus area by tapping on the camera preview screen.
  • You can now get audio feedback when a barcode is successfully scanned.

Token2Shell/WP version 5.0.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Token2Shell/WP now incorporates FileTr2 share server engine and allows wirelessly accessing its data storage area; you no longer need to use Hann Portable Server to transfer files from or to desktop computers.

    When you need to backup or restore address book entries and settings, or upload private key files for user authentications, simply start the share server and copy files via Windows File Manager.

    Token2Shell/WP share server acts like a wireless flash drive, hence you can also copy your own data files or even run desktop programs directly off your Windows Phone.

  • This version 5.0.0 release is for Windows Phone 8 only.

Token2Shell/WP version 4.1.0/3.7.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Built-in barcode scanner now makes use of phone's motion sensors.

    It begins decoding a barcode only when the phone is held steady. Also, camera auto focusing is triggered only when it detected movements. (If you wish to manually activate camera auto focusing, "half" press the camera shutter button. Full pressing the camera shutter button changes the auto flash mode.)

  • Screen resolution is now taken into account when creating Tile images for pinned Address Book entries and folders.
  • Issues with Start screen Tiles for Address Book entries and folders are fixed. (Please remove and pin the Tiles again if they were pinned from Token2Shell/WP version 4.0.0/3.6.0 or older.)
  • Improved XTerm/ANSI terminal emulation.