Token2Shell/WP version 4.1.0/3.7.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Built-in barcode scanner now makes use of phone's motion sensors.

    It begins decoding a barcode only when the phone is held steady. Also, camera auto focusing is triggered only when it detected movements. (If you wish to manually activate camera auto focusing, "half" press the camera shutter button. Full pressing the camera shutter button changes the auto flash mode.)

  • Screen resolution is now taken into account when creating Tile images for pinned Address Book entries and folders.
  • Issues with Start screen Tiles for Address Book entries and folders are fixed. (Please remove and pin the Tiles again if they were pinned from Token2Shell/WP version 4.0.0/3.6.0 or older.)
  • Improved XTerm/ANSI terminal emulation.