Token2Shell/WP version 4.0.0/3.6.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Token2Shell/WP now supports Command Macro. You can use the same set of commands supported in Token2Shell for Windows and create simple send/wait type script files.
  • Token2Shell/WP also supports "Slow Paste" for macro files. When this function is selected, the content of the selected macro file is sent to the server line by line instead of all at once. You can also set time or text that would trigger sending the next line.
  • You can now assign a "Startup Macro File" to an Address Book entry. It can be used to automatically initiate server commands once you are logged in.

  • When displaying buffered previous text, Token2Shell/WP now automatically detects http:// and https:// started URL's and turns them into hyperlinks. When you tap one of those hyperlinks, Token2Shell/WP opens the link in built-in Web browser.

Please note that our primary development focus now moves to Windows Phone 8 and in order to maintain consistency and minimize confusion, we will be using version number 3.x for Token2Shell/WP for Windows Phone 7.x. For Windows Phone 8 targeted Token2Shell/WP, we will be using 4.x or higher version numbers.

Token2Shell/WP version 3.5.0 is released

  • Improved international character input handling.Token2Shell/WP now better handles character composing keyboards (ex. Chinese/Japanese/Korean QWERTY keyboards) while in single character input mode.
  • Added more support for character code pages. (Windows Phone 8 Only)

    You can now use character code pages such as Shift-JIS, EUC-KR, GB2312 and BIG5 in Token2Shell/WP. (Please note that the actual character code pages supported in Token2Shell/WP may vary depending on the country where the device was purchased. For example, if you purchased your Windows Phone in Europe, it may not support character code pages for Japanese characters.)

    In order to properly make use of the character code pages, you should also update your server's locale/language settings. For example, if you wish to use EUC-KR for Korean characters, select EUC-KR from Token2Shell/WP supported character code pages (global default or address book entry option), and you must also need to update your server's locale settings that correspond to EUC-KR. Locale options vary from server OS to server OS. If you're using FreeBSD, additional information is available at

  • You can now change default text and background colors programmatically from server scripts.

    This new feature should be handy if you frequently use 'su' (switch user) command. For example, you can use the new control sequences to change the background color to red when you change your user ID to 'root' for system administrative work. For more information about the new control sequences, click here.

  • Improved XTerm/ANSI terminal emulation.