FileTr2 version 2.4.0, PIX2PPT version 3.5.0 and Token2Shell/WP version 6.2.0 are submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Folder name displaying problem under certain Windows Phone language settings now fixed.
  • PIX2PPT now displays a large number of photos in grid layout a bit faster.
  • New versions also include other minor bug fixes and improvements.

PIX2PPT version 3.4.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • You can now backup and restore text slide source files via PIX2PPT Share Server. When you activate PIX2PPT Share Server, you can access the files from any Windows 8/7/Vista/XP file manager.
  • You can now open PIX2PPT directly from Photos Hub "apps" pane.
  • Two-finger tap gesture now toggles "full screen" mode on picture choosing pane.

Token2Shell/WP version 5.1.0 and PIX2PPT version 3.2.0 are submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Token2Shell/WP now correctly generates the same fingerprint values for DSA (ssh-dss) host keys as Token2Shell for Windows and OpenSSH. If you already have DSA host keys added to known hosts, you need to remove and add them again.
  • The new versions include improvements on built-in share server.

PIX2PPT version 3.1.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • The new version includes minor bug fixes and enhancements.

PIX2PPT version 3.0.0 is released

  • Text slides can now be directly added from the same selection pane as the photos.
  • Text slides listing page has been changed to more focus on file management.
  • PIX2PPT now supports 'dark' and 'light' background themes.
  • PIX2PPT now formats bulleted lists in two columns for landscape page orientation.
  • PIX2PPT now incorporates FileTr2 share server engine and allows wirelessly copying the newly created PowerPoint file directly off Windows Phone. You simply need to use Windows File Explorer and access the file as if it were from a Windows shared folder.
  • This version 3.0.0 release is for Windows Phone 8 only.

PIX2PPT version 2.2.0/1.5.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Screen resolution is now taken into account when creating Tile images for pinned text files and folders.
  • Bugs related to pinning text files and folders have been fixed. (Please remove and pin the Tiles again if they were pinned from PIX2PPT version 2.1.0/1.4.0 or older.)

PIX2PPT version 2.1.0/1.4.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • PIX2PPT now has a built-in text file manager where you can create and organize your presentation text.

    Your text files can then be later added as PowerPoint slides; PIX2PPT automatically formats the content of a text file as a bulleted list or a section header slide depending on the number of stored text lines.

  • PIX2PPT now remembers the last working set of slides (Windows Phone 8 Only).

PixFolder version 2.0.0/1.7.0 and PIX2PPT version 2.0.0/1.3.0 are released

  • PixFolder and PIX2PPT now natively support Windows Phone 8.
  • In both PixFolder and PIX2PPT, a newly created PowerPoint file can now be directly opened in Office Mobile and saved to Office Hub for Windows Phone 8 devices.
  • PIX2PPT now supports pushing a SkyDrive shared link to any modern Web browser via
  • The new versions also include minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Please note that our primary development focus now moves to Windows Phone 8 and in order to maintain consistency and minimize confusion, we will be using version number 1.x for PixFolder and PIX2PPT for Windows Phone 7.x. For Windows Phone 8 targeted PixFolder and PIX2PPT, we will be using 2.x or higher version numbers.