Token2Shell/WP is now $.99 (USD)

Our new Token2Shell/MD ( is freshly built upon the new Windows 10 Universal App Platform. As such, Token2Shell/MD covers both Desktop and upcoming Windows 10 Mobile.

Thus Token2Shell/WP will eventually be phased out and replaced by Token2Shell/MD. However, since Token2Shell/MD is a brand new app for the new platform, the initial releases of Token2Shell/MD won't be as feature rich as Token2Shell/WP. Also, some of the features in Token2Shell/WP will never be available in Token2Shell/MD.

In order to minimize confusion and compatibility issues between the two versions, we'll be releasing Token2Shell/MD as a separate app. Thus Token2Shell/WP will *NOT* be upgraded to Token2Shell/MD. Token2Shell/MD must be purchased again separately.

We'll be offering discounts for Token2Shell/MD when it's initially released to ease the migration from Token2Shell/WP to Token2Shell/MD. We also have lowered the price of Token2Shell/WP to $.99 (USD).

Please note that purchasing Token2Shell/MD now from Windows Store covers both Desktop and Mobile versions. Although Token2Shell/MD does not yet include a Mobile version, it'll be offered free of charge to existing customers when it's included.

Thank you again for your support of our software!