Cannot connect to your VirtualBox or VMware from Token2Shell/MD? Here's a workaround!

Are you using "Internal Network" or "Host-only Networking" for your virtual machine and getting connection timeout errors? Try the following workaround.


Token2Shell/MD now has a faster AES-CTR cipher

The following summarizes new features and changes in version 10.12.0:

  • AES-CTR cipher is improved and should now provide faster speed for built-in SFTP/SCP. Token2Shell/MD makes use of the AES cipher API's built into Windows 10. However, we've now optimized the routines for accessing those API's and achieved better overall performance.
  • Layout Freezer can now be accessed from Windows Jump List. When you select a layout from the Jump List, it's restored on the current Token2Shell/MD desktop if no sessions are opened. If the current desktop is not empty, a new one is created for the layout.

Token2Shell/MD now has Layout Freezer; save the position and size of floating terminals and reload them whenever you need!

The following summarizes new features and changes in version 10.11.0:

  • You can now save and restore the layout of floating terminal windows using the new "Layout Freezer" under [ Window ] menu. Connections are also re-established if they were active when the layout was saved.

    You can create multiple saved layouts and also have an option to automatically save the layout when you close Token2Shell/MD.

    When you make a selection from Layout Freezer, Token2Shell/MD restores the server address, position and size of terminals. Connections are also re-established if they were active when the layout was saved.

  • Main window title bar can now be translucent and show the background image. The bottom app bar can also be completely hidden even in normal window mode. In order to open the bottom app bar while it's hidden, you can right-click (or use the tap-and-hold touch gesture) on the background image. You can also use the app bar button on the window title bar.
  • The background of currently selected session tab on the bottom app bar is now fully filled with its associated accent color; the current session tab should now be more distinguishable.
  • Token2Shell/MD can now automatically remove heading and trailing whitespace characters when pasting from the clipboard. This option should prevent accidently executing a command while pasting.

Token2Shell/MD now ready for ChaCha20-Poly1305 and TLS 1.2

  • ChaCha20 is a stream cipher and Poly1305 is a data authenticator and both algorithms are known for their high-performance. These two algorithms are combined and formed the "" cipher method for OpenSSH.

    Token2Shell/MD now also supports When this method is selected for a session, your setting for the MAC algorithms (ex. hmac-sha2-256-etm@openssh) will be ignored as the data integration is checked through Poly1305.

    Please note that many CPU's include support for dedicated AES encryption circuitry and as Token2Shell/MD makes use of encryption methods built into Windows (Windows.Security.Cryptography.Core), you may not notice significant speed improvement when using over AES based cipher methods (ex. aes128-ctr). However, if your device or server doesn't have AES encryption hardware (ex. ARM processors in Windows 10 Mobile devices), should give you better or similar performance with less power consumption than AES (

  • TCP Direct connection method now supports TLS 1.2 encryption and can be used for directly connecting to HTTPS servers. For additional information about making an HTTP or HTTPS connection, please visit:

Token2Shell/MD now supports all the host key types used in OpenSSH including ECDSA and Ed25519!

Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is becoming popular as it can achieve equivalent or higher level of security using less computing power than traditional methods (ex. RSA). OpenSSH and other poplar SSH servers support ECC based key exchange methods and host key types such as ECDH, ECDSA and Ed25519.

Token2Shell/MD now also supports ECC based methods that are fully compatible with OpenSSH. The following summarizes new features and changes in version 10.9.0:

  • Now supports more host key types and key exchange methods
    ecdsa-sha2-nistp256, ecdsa-sha2-nistp384, ecdsa-sha2-nistp521, ssh-ed25519

    Please note that Token2Shell/MD uses the same private/public key file format as OpenSSH. Thus if you already have private keys generated with ssh-keygen, you can simply copy them to Token2Shell/MD Home Folder (...\Token2Shell\ssh\keys) or import them via "Import" menu. You can also generate new private keys within Token2Shell/MD.

    NEW KEY EXCHANGE METHODS, ecdh-sha2-nistp256, ecdh-sha2-nistp384, ecdh-sha2-nistp521, diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256

    Please note that Address Book entries have their own SSH related settings. Thus you need to update existing entries individually if you want to use the newly added key types and methods for the stored server settings.

    Address Book entries in Token2Shell/MD correspond to plain XML text files under its Home Folder (...\Token2Shell\ So if you're familiar with using a scripting language such as PowerShell, or have a text editor capable of opening multiple files and replacing a certain text on all of them, you should be able to update your Address Book entries more easily.

  • Now supports customizing the 16 colors assigned for terminal codes
  • Using "bold" font style can now be turned off

    If your terminal output is not vertically aligned correctly even if you've selected a mono-spaced font, try setting this option off. After changing this option, you need to re-connect to the server as this option is applied only when a new session is started.

  • Now supports printing from the built-in Tek4014 window (ex. gnuplot)
  • Direct printing mode (ESC[2016i) now supports JPG, PNG and BMP graphic format
  • Keyboard mapping now supports sending terminal sequences assigned for "application mode" for arrow keys by pressing them with CTRL key. This can be handy, for example, when configuring CTRL+LEFT and CTRL+RIGHT for moving the cursor by word (in Bash shell, you can do this by editing ~/.inputrc file).
  • Pressing ALT+Q on a disconnected session window now actually closes that window (ALT+Q only disconnects the session if it's active)

NEW! PkgdView Terminal is now available on Windows Store!

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Be ready to show your portfolio or presentation without worrying about embarrassing browsing history or bookmarks! Let your coworkers or employees use their favorite web browser for their personal errands but let them be professional and efficient while on their job by providing them with a special web browser that brings consistent settings and user experience!

PkgdView Terminal also includes a rock-solid modern SSH client. Thus if your job involves using a web browser and/or text-based server programs, you can easily consolidate and simplify your workflow with PkgdView Terminal. You can even have your remote PDF files previewed and printed on a local printer over SSH or directly from websites.

For more information about PkgdView Terminal, please visit:

Token2Shell/MD now even supports ZModem and XModem!

ZModem/XModem can be handy as files are sent or received over the current connection without depending on additional daemons or background service software. You just need ZModem/XModem executables (ex. lrzsz) that are readily available for almost all Unix and Unix-like servers. They are also still widely used for embedded devices for updating firmware or retrieving log files.

All in all, Token2Shell/MD now got you covered! The following summarizes new features and changes in version 10.8.0:

  • ZModem (with resume always enabled) and XModem 1K/CRC/CHECKSUM are now supported for transferring files
  • Now supports Bluetooth/RFCOMM communication. This feature can be useful when you're developing or debugging a custom Bluetooth service for IoT devices. For an example of such usage with Windows IoT on Raspberry Pi 2, please visit
  • "Session Data Capture (ALT+L)" is added for saving received communication data to a file
  • "Hex Mode" is added for displaying all received data in hexadecimal format
  • You can now adjust the volume for CTRL+G (BEL) beep sound. A bell icon is also displayed on the title bar at the same time. For additional information about the new sound options, please visit
  • You can now temporarily change terminal options such as local echo, new line control characters and etc. Changed options will be reverted back to the original when you reconnect to the server.
  • Tapping a session tab and closing its popup menu without selecting any menu (ex. pressing the Back button) now activates the on-screen keyboard for smartphones.

Serial devices can now be directly connected from Token2Shell/MD

Token2Shell/MD version 10.7.0 is now available. Along with bug fixes and minor enhancements, the new version now natively supports serial communication. The following summarizes new features and changes.

  • Now supports serial communication via modern interface ports including USB-to-Serial adapters and Bluetooth virtual serial ports. On-board serial ports commonly found in legacy computers are *NOT* supported.

    Please note that the serial communication support in the new version uses a different URL scheme name 'serial://' instead of 'com://' that we used in our other products. Hence, address book entries for serial devices are not compatible.

    We decided to use a new scheme as the new serial device support in Token2Shell/MD is built around a port 'name' instead of a port 'number'. Such fundamental difference makes an address book entry incompatible. Thus we wanted to at least keep the address book entries from other programs intact by using a new scheme.

  • Now properly handles two-factor authentications for SSH connections.
  • Pressing F5 (or ALT+R) after disconnected from a server starts reconnecting to the same server.

Token2Shell/MD version 10.6.0 improves handling touch gestures and context menus

Token2Shell/MD version 10.6.0 is now live on Windows Store. The following summarizes new features and changes.

  • Double-tap now toggles the scroll-back mode on and off. Once it's activated, you can drag or swipe the terminal screen to view previous lines (scroll-back mode is automatically triggered by dragging or swiping in full window mode).
  • Now supports automatically copying selected text to clipboard.
  • Now supports right-click paste. When this option is enabled, right-click sends the text in clipboard or currently selected text. If your mouse has a middle or wheel button, you can use it for the same purpose without enabling this option.
  • Selected text can now be opened as a web link (ex. email address for opening an email app, web address for opening a web browser and etc.)
  • Raw IPv6 addresses can now be properly handled.

    If you don't need to specify a port number with an IPv6 address, you can just enter its raw hexadecimal representation with colons. For example, when you want to enter an IPv6 address, '2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329', with a user ID, 'myid':

    When you need to specify a port number, the address must be enclosed with brackets ('[' and ']'). For example, to append a port number 1234: