Token2Shell/MD now even supports ZModem and XModem!

ZModem/XModem can be handy as files are sent or received over the current connection without depending on additional daemons or background service software. You just need ZModem/XModem executables (ex. lrzsz) that are readily available for almost all Unix and Unix-like servers. They are also still widely used for embedded devices for updating firmware or retrieving log files.

All in all, Token2Shell/MD now got you covered! The following summarizes new features and changes in version 10.8.0:

  • ZModem (with resume always enabled) and XModem 1K/CRC/CHECKSUM are now supported for transferring files
  • Now supports Bluetooth/RFCOMM communication. This feature can be useful when you're developing or debugging a custom Bluetooth service for IoT devices. For an example of such usage with Windows IoT on Raspberry Pi 2, please visit
  • "Session Data Capture (ALT+L)" is added for saving received communication data to a file
  • "Hex Mode" is added for displaying all received data in hexadecimal format
  • You can now adjust the volume for CTRL+G (BEL) beep sound. A bell icon is also displayed on the title bar at the same time. For additional information about the new sound options, please visit
  • You can now temporarily change terminal options such as local echo, new line control characters and etc. Changed options will be reverted back to the original when you reconnect to the server.
  • Tapping a session tab and closing its popup menu without selecting any menu (ex. pressing the Back button) now activates the on-screen keyboard for smartphones.