Serial devices can now be directly connected from Token2Shell/MD

Token2Shell/MD version 10.7.0 is now available. Along with bug fixes and minor enhancements, the new version now natively supports serial communication. The following summarizes new features and changes.

  • Now supports serial communication via modern interface ports including USB-to-Serial adapters and Bluetooth virtual serial ports. On-board serial ports commonly found in legacy computers are *NOT* supported.

    Please note that the serial communication support in the new version uses a different URL scheme name 'serial://' instead of 'com://' that we used in our other products. Hence, address book entries for serial devices are not compatible.

    We decided to use a new scheme as the new serial device support in Token2Shell/MD is built around a port 'name' instead of a port 'number'. Such fundamental difference makes an address book entry incompatible. Thus we wanted to at least keep the address book entries from other programs intact by using a new scheme.

  • Now properly handles two-factor authentications for SSH connections.
  • Pressing F5 (or ALT+R) after disconnected from a server starts reconnecting to the same server.