Having a misaligned column problem?

If you're having a misaligned column problem similar to the screenshot shown below, check out our new post at http://choung.net/howto/token2shell-md/screen-font-option-and-misaligned-columns. It explains why such problem occurs and offers some solutions.

Free monospaced (fixed-width) fonts for text terminals

We made a list of free monospaced fonts that seem suitable for text terminals. They all support TrueType or OpenType format thus you should also be able to use them from other software once they are installed on your Windows.

The list is available at http://choung.net/howto/token2shell-md/free-mono-fonts.

Token2Shell/MD version 10.1.0 now available on Windows Store

  • Private keys in PuTTY file format can now be imported directly; you just need to select '.ppk' files.

    If the private key file is encrypted, you need to enter its passphrase. It'll then be converted and re-encrypted using the same passphrase in OpenSSH format that Token2Shell/MD uses.

  • While importing OpenSSH private keys, public key files are now automatically created if you don't provide them.

    Token2Shell/MD natively uses OpenSSH private key file format. Thus if you select private and public key file pairs in OpenSSH format, they are simply copied and used as they are. However, if you only have a private key file in OpenSSH format, you can now just select that file while importing; Token2Shell/MD automatically creates its corresponding public key (if the file is encrypted, you need to enter its passphrase as its corresponding pubic key is derived from the original private key values).

    Please note that OpenSSH public key files are only recognized when they are named as their corresponding private key file name plus '.pub'. For example, if your private key file is named 'my.key', its public key file must be named 'my.key.pub'.

  • AltGr modifier key in some keyboard layouts (ex. Icelandic keyboard) is now properly handled.
  • Font size change is now correctly applied when a new terminal session is started.
  • Fixed connection problems with Dropbear (https://matt.ucc.asn.au/dropbear/dropbear.html) SSH server and its related software (ex. OpenWRT (https://openwrt.org)).
  • Fixed title bar menu handling in Tablet mode.

NEW! Token2Shell/MD Now Available for the new Windows 10

Token2Shell/MD is a brand new Windows Universal app freshly built for the new Windows 10. You can now install it from Windows Store.

Get Token2Shell/MD and see what happens when old technologies meet Windows 10.
It can become awesomely modern!

For more information about Token2Shell/MD, please visit:

Token2Shell/WP is now $.99 (USD)

Our new Token2Shell/MD (http://token2shell.com/md/) is freshly built upon the new Windows 10 Universal App Platform. As such, Token2Shell/MD covers both Desktop and upcoming Windows 10 Mobile.

Thus Token2Shell/WP will eventually be phased out and replaced by Token2Shell/MD. However, since Token2Shell/MD is a brand new app for the new platform, the initial releases of Token2Shell/MD won't be as feature rich as Token2Shell/WP. Also, some of the features in Token2Shell/WP will never be available in Token2Shell/MD.

In order to minimize confusion and compatibility issues between the two versions, we'll be releasing Token2Shell/MD as a separate app. Thus Token2Shell/WP will *NOT* be upgraded to Token2Shell/MD. Token2Shell/MD must be purchased again separately.

We'll be offering discounts for Token2Shell/MD when it's initially released to ease the migration from Token2Shell/WP to Token2Shell/MD. We also have lowered the price of Token2Shell/WP to $.99 (USD).

Please note that purchasing Token2Shell/MD now from Windows Store covers both Desktop and Mobile versions. Although Token2Shell/MD does not yet include a Mobile version, it'll be offered free of charge to existing customers when it's included.

Thank you again for your support of our software!

Upcoming version of Token2Shell for Windows

We now have Token2Shell/MD for Windows 10. This new Universal app is available through Windows Store and can also be used just like traditional Windows programs. However, due to differences in underlying technology, Universal apps have more restrictions then traditional programs.

Thus we'll keep developing the original Token2Shell as well as the new Token2Shell/MD. The original Token2Shell will be focusing on compatibility with previous versions of Windows and performance optimizations.

All in all, we'll be releasing a new version of Token2Shell for Windows shortly.

The new version focuses on updating underlying development tool chains and libraries. There won't be any significant changes in user interface. Instead, the new version will be more optimized and include additional features to support more wide range of SSH servers out of the box. It'll also be offered free of charge to existing customers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Choung Park / Lead Developer

Scan a QR code and directly upload files to your PC over Wi-Fi!

Fil3Tr33, Twofoo Direct and PixFolder can upload files or push a web link by scanning a QR code shown in Twofoo Search (Direct Push Mode).

Along with Twofoo Search, we now have Twofoo Catcher for Windows 7/Vista. It also supports the desktop mode of Windows 8.1/8.

If you're using Windows 7/Vista or prefer using the desktop mode of Windows 8.1/8, simply install and run Twofoo Catcher. It shows a QR code as soon as it's launched and automatically closes itself when the QR code is successfully scanned from our Windows Phone apps.

Click here to find out more about Twofoo Catcher!

Fil3Tr33 version 3.1.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Fil3Tr33 share server now has an option to show an alternative IP-based server access address. Its performance also has been improved.
  • You can now change "share mode" (full/read-only) while Fil3Tr33 share server is running.
  • Fil3Tr33 now has "open in pc" menu for each file. When you select this menu, Fil3Tr33 starts its camera scanner for scanning a QR code shown in Twofoo Search. Once you scan the QR code, Fil3Tr33 automatically configures and starts its share server, and let the PC directly open the selected file. (Twofoo Search is a free app available through Windows Store.)
  • Fil3tr33 can now edit Internet shortcut (.URL or .WEBSITE) files. An Internet shortcut file can also be created from Internet Explorer by using its "share page" menu.
  • Files from other apps can now be copied to Fil3Tr33 by using the Share feature of Windows Phone.

NEW! Get Fil3Tr33 and turn your Windows Phone into a wireless flash drive!

FileTr2 becomes Fil3Tr33! All *NEW* and now natively Windows Phone "8.1" app!

Windows Phone 8.1 "looks" similar to 8.0. BUT, it's a completely different beast underneath. It unleashed Windows Runtime to Windows Phone developers. It's optional and requires extra steps, but adapting it tremendously helps us developers easily and efficiently target two platforms, Windows and Windows Phone, at the same time.

We have been taming this beast; rebuilding in-house libraries, experimenting with new and unique user interfaces and etc. And we now finally have a brand new 8.1 app, Fil3Tr33!

When you start Fil3Tr33, you'll definitely notice our unique user interface elements such as the top path bar that automatically hides itself when you scroll up the listing; showing you more entries instead of blocking the view.

Our Share server engine also has been improved and it now includes its own name server; you can use a "name" to access Fil3Tr33 Share server and you no longer get that annoying security warnings when you copy or move files from the server.

For your information, our Share server engine that turns your Windows Phone into a SMB file server is our own creation specifically designed and optimized for mobile platforms such as Windows Phone. It is lightweight and runs within the security boundaries set for an app; you definitely don't need to jail-break or root your phone to use it!

Test drive Fil3Tr33 now, it's already available at Windows Phone Store!

Due to significant changes in user interface and concerns about retaining existing user files and settings, we decided to release Fil3Tr33 as a separate app; it'll not be available as an update for FileTr2. In order to ease the transition from FileTr2 to Fil3Tr33 for existing users, Fil3Tr33 will be on sale for $.99 until 1/11/2015.