NEW! Start your search in Twofoo and see the world better!

When a new software platform is announced and looks interesting, we first carryout test projects for exploring features and shortcomings of the new platform. We, of course, have such projects for Windows 8.1 and one of those projects became quite useful and we realized its true potentials. It's called Twofoo and we decided to continue its development as a standalone product and provide support.

The concept of Twofoo is simple; opening two websites side by side with one search. But it's not just about opening two websites; Twofoo is about getting information from trusted sources with different point of views.

When you do your search in Google, you're seeing the world in Google's point of view. The search results it shows are based on its algorithms and philosophy. It's telling you that the websites on the first page of its search results are "better" than the rest. It's not wrong; it just shows how Google interprets the world.

Aren't you curious how the world would look in others' point of view? Try adding Bing, Yahoo or any one of those "other" search engines next to Google and do your search in Twofoo!

You can in fact pair any two websites and pin it to Start screen in Twofoo. For those special website combos, you can seamlessly access Twofoo directory server within web browsers in Twofoo. We'll be managing Twofoo directory server to include high quality websites worth visiting instead of every websites on the Internet. As Twofoo supports Windows Share charm, you can also easily add your own websites and manage them locally while using other apps such as Internet Explorer.

You can install and use Twofoo for free from Windows Store:

All in all, we are happy to officially announce our new Twofoo and we hope it becomes your favorite app for Windows 8.1.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Choung Park / Lead Developer

NEW! Standalone Token2Shell/SP now available!

We offer Token2Shell/SP to customers who want a rock solid terminal emulator with clean and straightforward user interface. In order to maximize its usability and optimize user interface interaction, it needs to go through a customization process. During this process, we listen to the requirements of the customer and make changes to Token2Shell/SP. Once the customization process is completed, we release a tailored version of Token2Shell/SP that is only available to the customer.

However, this customization process takes time and in some cases, our demo version is more than capable of handling the needs of the customers as it is.

Thus we now offer standalone versions of Token2Shell/SP! If you like the standalone version, you can simply purchase it without waiting for any customization. Otherwise, we can make further changes and build a special version of Token2Shell/SP tailored just for your company!

If you wish to test drive the standalone versions, just drop us a line at When contacting us, please tell us the OS version and the model name of your device. So we can provide an appropriate version of Token2Shell/SP for your testing.

Token2Shell version 6.9.1 is released

This new version fixes the site license detection problem in Token2Shell.SSHpf.

You can now purchase a "Site License" for Token2Shell.

Token2Shell requires an Internet connection to have its license activated. Our method is simple and straightforward, yet good enough to minimize the piracy of our software.

However, we understand that in some situations, our current license activation via the Internet method is unfeasible. In order to support our users in such environment, we now offer a "Site License" option for Token2Shell.

This new "Site License" does not require an Internet connection and allows unlimited number of license activations per site. If you're interested in purchasing a "Site License", please contact

Token2Shell version 6.9.0 is released

  • Token2Shell can now automatically replace invalid file name characters (\/:*?"<>|) according to your preference when downloading files. Default replacement characters are chosen from Unicode characters that look similar to the characters they are replacing but allowed for a file name (ex. Unicode halfwidth/fullwidth forms). If you wish to replace all invalid characters to a single character, you simply need to enter that one character to the option edit box.

    Trailing space and period characters are also automatically replaced with U+00A0 (NO-BREAK SPACE) and U+00B7 (MIDDLE DOT) respectively.

    For your information, unlike Windows OS, you can use any character for a file name in Unix-like OS's such as Linux and FreeBSD. However, in order to minimize compatibility issues, we recommend avoiding the characters that cannot be used for a file name in Windows OS (\/:*?"<>|). Also, you should avoid adding trailing space and period characters.

  • Slow Paste now has an option for ignoring blank lines.

    Instead of pasting text from clipboard, you can also Slow Paste text from a file by using Command Macro. You simply need to create your text file in Command Macro pane, and right-click on that file item and select "Slow Paste".

Our New Website is Now Live! :-)

If you find any error or having problems accessing our new website, please let us know. We'll fix it right away.

Due to our new server IP address, you might randomly experience corrupted page layouts throughout today. But it should be automatically resolved within next 24 hours as DNS servers update their records.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Our *NEW* Website goes online on December 21, 2013

We have been busy renovating our website and it's finally ready to go online!

We'll be updating our website on Saturday, December 21, 2013 (1:00 AM ~ 4:00 AM). Please expect abrupt website access problems during this time.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


FileTr2 version 2.4.0, PIX2PPT version 3.5.0 and Token2Shell/WP version 6.2.0 are submitted to Windows Phone Store

  • Folder name displaying problem under certain Windows Phone language settings now fixed.
  • PIX2PPT now displays a large number of photos in grid layout a bit faster.
  • New versions also include other minor bug fixes and improvements.