X410, your ultimate hassle free X server for Windows 10!

Want to run Linux GUI apps from Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)?

Try X410, our brand new X server for Windows 10!

X410 is hassle free. You can install X410 directly from Microsoft Store and get it swiftly ready for your X server needs. In X410, you don't have to deal with mysterious command-line options; X410 automatically configures itself and ready for you right out of the box!

X410 is secure. X410 is a Microsoft Store app; it's digitally signed and certified by Microsoft when it's delivered to your Windows 10. Thus you have fewer things to worry about X410 when it comes to malicious codes and viruses.

X410 is versatile. X410 has two seamless integration modes; Windowed Apps and Desktop. If you want to use your Linux GUI apps individually side by side with normal Windows apps, choose the Windowed Apps mode. If you want to experience more immersive and comprehensive Linux GUI desktop environment such as Xfce4, choose the Desktop mode.