NEW! Standalone Token2Shell/SP now available!

We offer Token2Shell/SP to customers who want a rock solid terminal emulator with clean and straightforward user interface. In order to maximize its usability and optimize user interface interaction, it needs to go through a customization process. During this process, we listen to the requirements of the customer and make changes to Token2Shell/SP. Once the customization process is completed, we release a tailored version of Token2Shell/SP that is only available to the customer.

However, this customization process takes time and in some cases, our demo version is more than capable of handling the needs of the customers as it is.

Thus we now offer standalone versions of Token2Shell/SP! If you like the standalone version, you can simply purchase it without waiting for any customization. Otherwise, we can make further changes and build a special version of Token2Shell/SP tailored just for your company!

If you wish to test drive the standalone versions, just drop us a line at When contacting us, please tell us the OS version and the model name of your device. So we can provide an appropriate version of Token2Shell/SP for your testing.