Token2Shell/MD version 10.4.0 now available on Windows Store

  • Now includes character input buffer for locally storing printable characters and sending them in batches instead of one by one as they are typed. It should improve entering continuous text over a slow connection. This option can be temporarily toggled on and off by CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  • Keyboard shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+C and CTRL+SHIFT+V are added for copy and paste respectively. This also allows using the paste button on Windows 10 Mobile screen keyboard as it generates a CTRL+V keyboard shortcut; tap the SHIFT key before tapping the paste button (after using the paste button, you need to reset the SHIFT key manually).
  • Virtual [Paste] button is now available in 'Fn Keypad' Group 3.
  • Physical number keypad can now be used in emulating text terminals.