Token2Shell/MD version 10.3.0 now available on Windows Store

  • SFTP/SCP hybrid is now ready for file uploading and downloading.

    In order to maximize transfer speed, Token2Shell/MD seamlessly makes use of both SFTP and SCP. If the server does not support SCP or cannot handle high-speed SFTP, Token2Shell/MD automatically falls back to the standard SFTP. File uploading can also be started via drag-and-drop or paste directly from Windows File Explorer.

    While transferring files or using X11 forwarding, please don't minimize Token2Shell/MD to the Taskbar. It may trigger Windows OS to pause running the app altogether.

  • X11 forwarding is now supported for SSH sessions.

    In order to properly use X11 forwarding, you need to separately run an X server such as VcXsrv ( or Xming ( Also, as mentioned above, please don't minimize Token2Shell/MD to the Taskbar while using X11 forwarding.

    This option is not available for Windows 10 Mobile since it requires a separate X server running in the background and such background task is not allowed in the Mobile.

  • Left [ALT] key can now be used as the [META] key for Unix-like server programs such as Emacs.
  • Virtual [META] and [CTRL] buttons are now available in 'Fn Keypad' Group 3.
  • When 'Home Folder' is changed, all existing settings are now automatically copied to the new folder if the selected new folder is empty.
  • 2048-bits DSA private keys are now supported.
  • Improved SSH into Windows 10 IoT; you can also upload or download files in SFTP.
  • Improved XTerm emulation.