Token2Shell/MD now supports direct PDF file printing over SSH or TELNET

Token2Shell/MD version 10.5.0 is now live on Windows Store. The following summarizes new features and changes.

  • Now supports local printing that can redirect remote text output to a local printer. You can also directly send the output to a network printer without opening a preview window.
  • Proprietary printing mode (ESC[2016i) for directly previewing and printing a PDF file now supported. Click here for more info.
  • Line Sender now has an option for turning off sending the current line with an ENTER key. Even when it's disabled, you still can use F5 or right-sidebar ENTER button for sending the current line.
  • CTRL+2/3/4/5/6/7/8 can now be used for sending control characters ^@ (0x00), ^[ (0x27), ^\ (0x28), ^] (0x29), ^^ (0x30), ^_ (0x31) and ^? (0x7F) respectively. CTRL+@/[/\/]/^/_/? can also be used for sending the actual corresponding control characters.
  • Improved character input buffer.