Token2Shell/MD is now Mobile and Continuum Ready!

Windows 10 Mobile is not yet officially released, however we are happy to announce that you can now test drive Token2Shell/MD on smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile preview versions.

When you launch Token2Shell/MD from a smartphone, each session terminal is maximized to make full use the available screen area. However, when it's in Continuum mode with higher screen resolution, each session terminal can be freely floated and moved around the screen; just like running Token2Shell/MD on a desktop PC. It even supports setting its desktop background image and opening translucent terminal windows.

Have not yet heard about the Continuum? Here are some of the videos demonstrating the Continuum in Windows 10 Mobile:

As mentioned, Windows 10 Mobile is not yet officially released and Token2Shell/MD is built and tested against those preview versions hence there may be more glitches and unexpected bugs. If you do find such problems, just drop us a line! We'll have it fixed right away and make sure everything works flawlessly when the official version of Windows 10 Mobile is available.

By the way, buying Token2Shell/MD from Windows Store allows you to install it on both PC and smartphone without additional cost. So if you're in Windows 10 Mobile Insider program or in the market for an SSH client, you should definitely check out our Token2Shell/MD! It's now even on sale for $.99 (USD) until 11/5/2015!