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Token2Shell version 6.8.0 is released

You now have more options for serial port hardware flow control settings. When you open a Token2Shell address book entry file directly from Windows file manager, it's now opened in already running and not-minimized Token2Shell instead of launching a new Token2Shell instance. You can now generate an SSH2 public key from a private key file […]

Token2Shell/WP version 5.3.0 is released

Token2Shell/WP now includes the following in-app tools for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. You can purchase and use these tools when Token2Shell/WP share server is active. Token2Shell/PT for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP This is a portable version of Token2Shell for Windows. It shares the same address book entries and other essential settings with Token2Shell/WP. SSHpf/PT for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP This is […]

FileTr2 version 2.0.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

FileTr2 Share Server now supports accessing Photos Hub albums and pictures as normal folders and files. (Due to third-party Windows Phone app restrictions, FileTr2 only allows read-only access for Photos Hub albums and pictures.) FileTr2 Share Server can now be directly pinned to Start screen. Windows File Manager now connects to FileTr2 Share Server more […]

Token2Shell/WP version 5.0.0 is submitted to Windows Phone Store

Token2Shell/WP now incorporates FileTr2 share server engine and allows wirelessly accessing its data storage area; you no longer need to use Hann Portable Server to transfer files from or to desktop computers. When you need to backup or restore address book entries and settings, or upload private key files for user authentications, simply start the […]