Token2Shell/MD version 10.3.0 now available on Windows Store

  • SFTP/SCP hybrid is now ready for file uploading and downloading.

    In order to maximize transfer speed, Token2Shell/MD seamlessly makes use of both SFTP and SCP. If the server does not support SCP or cannot handle high-speed SFTP, Token2Shell/MD automatically falls back to the standard SFTP. File uploading can also be started via drag-and-drop or paste directly from Windows File Explorer.

    While transferring files or using X11 forwarding, please don’t minimize Token2Shell/MD to the Taskbar. It may trigger Windows OS to pause running the app altogether.

  • X11 forwarding is now supported for SSH sessions.

    In order to properly use X11 forwarding, you need to separately run an X server such as VcXsrv ( or Xming ( Also, as mentioned above, please don’t minimize Token2Shell/MD to the Taskbar while using X11 forwarding.

    This option is not available for Windows 10 Mobile since it requires a separate X server running in the background and such background task is not allowed in the Mobile.

  • Left [ALT] key can now be used as the [META] key for Unix-like server programs such as Emacs.
  • Virtual [META] and [CTRL] buttons are now available in ‘Fn Keypad’ Group 3.
  • When ‘Home Folder‘ is changed, all existing settings are now automatically copied to the new folder if the selected new folder is empty.
  • 2048-bits DSA private keys are now supported.
  • Improved SSH into Windows 10 IoT; you can also upload or download files in SFTP.
  • Improved XTerm emulation.

Token2Shell/MD is now Mobile and Continuum Ready!

Windows 10 Mobile is not yet officially released, however we are happy to announce that you can now test drive Token2Shell/MD on smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile preview versions.

When you launch Token2Shell/MD from a smartphone, each session terminal is maximized to make full use the available screen area. However, when it’s in Continuum mode with higher screen resolution, each session terminal can be freely floated and moved around the screen; just like running Token2Shell/MD on a desktop PC. It even supports setting its desktop background image and opening translucent terminal windows.

Have not yet heard about the Continuum? Here are some of the videos demonstrating the Continuum in Windows 10 Mobile:

As mentioned, Windows 10 Mobile is not yet officially released and Token2Shell/MD is built and tested against those preview versions hence there may be more glitches and unexpected bugs. If you do find such problems, just drop us a line! We’ll have it fixed right away and make sure everything works flawlessly when the official version of Windows 10 Mobile is available.

By the way, buying Token2Shell/MD from Windows Store allows you to install it on both PC and smartphone without additional cost. So if you’re in Windows 10 Mobile Insider program or in the market for an SSH client, you should definitely check out our Token2Shell/MD! It’s now even on sale for $.99 (USD) until 11/5/2015!

Token2Shell/MD version 10.1.0 now available on Windows Store

  • Private keys in PuTTY file format can now be imported directly; you just need to select ‘.ppk‘ files.

    If the private key file is encrypted, you need to enter its passphrase. It’ll then be converted and re-encrypted using the same passphrase in OpenSSH format that Token2Shell/MD uses.

  • While importing OpenSSH private keys, public key files are now automatically created if you don’t provide them.

    Token2Shell/MD natively uses OpenSSH private key file format. Thus if you select private and public key file pairs in OpenSSH format, they are simply copied and used as they are. However, if you only have a private key file in OpenSSH format, you can now just select that file while importing; Token2Shell/MD automatically creates its corresponding public key (if the file is encrypted, you need to enter its passphrase as its corresponding pubic key is derived from the original private key values).

    Please note that OpenSSH public key files are only recognized when they are named as their corresponding private key file name plus ‘.pub‘. For example, if your private key file is named ‘my.key‘, its public key file must be named ‘‘.

  • AltGr modifier key in some keyboard layouts (ex. Icelandic keyboard) is now properly handled.
  • Font size change is now correctly applied when a new terminal session is started.
  • Fixed connection problems with Dropbear ( SSH server and its related software (ex. OpenWRT (
  • Fixed title bar menu handling in Tablet mode.

Token2Shell/WP is now $.99 (USD)

Our new Token2Shell/MD ( is freshly built upon the new Windows 10 Universal App Platform. As such, Token2Shell/MD covers both Desktop and upcoming Windows 10 Mobile.

Thus Token2Shell/WP will eventually be phased out and replaced by Token2Shell/MD. However, since Token2Shell/MD is a brand new app for the new platform, the initial releases of Token2Shell/MD won’t be as feature rich as Token2Shell/WP. Also, some of the features in Token2Shell/WP will never be available in Token2Shell/MD.

In order to minimize confusion and compatibility issues between the two versions, we’ll be releasing Token2Shell/MD as a separate app. Thus Token2Shell/WP will *NOT* be upgraded to Token2Shell/MD. Token2Shell/MD must be purchased again separately.

We’ll be offering discounts for Token2Shell/MD when it’s initially released to ease the migration from Token2Shell/WP to Token2Shell/MD. We also have lowered the price of Token2Shell/WP to $.99 (USD).

Please note that purchasing Token2Shell/MD now from Windows Store covers both Desktop and Mobile versions. Although Token2Shell/MD does not yet include a Mobile version, it’ll be offered free of charge to existing customers when it’s included.

Thank you again for your support of our software!

Upcoming version of Token2Shell for Windows

We now have Token2Shell/MD for Windows 10. This new Universal app is available through Windows Store and can also be used just like traditional Windows programs. However, due to differences in underlying technology, Universal apps have more restrictions then traditional programs.

Thus we’ll keep developing the original Token2Shell as well as the new Token2Shell/MD. The original Token2Shell will be focusing on compatibility with previous versions of Windows and performance optimizations.

All in all, we’ll be releasing a new version of Token2Shell for Windows shortly.

The new version focuses on updating underlying development tool chains and libraries. There won’t be any significant changes in user interface. Instead, the new version will be more optimized and include additional features to support more wide range of SSH servers out of the box. It’ll also be offered free of charge to existing customers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Choung Park / Lead Developer

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Fil3Tr33, Twofoo Direct and PixFolder can upload files or push a web link by scanning a QR code shown in Twofoo Search (Direct Push Mode).

Along with Twofoo Search, we now have Twofoo Catcher for Windows 7/Vista. It also supports the desktop mode of Windows 8.1/8.

If you’re using Windows 7/Vista or prefer using the desktop mode of Windows 8.1/8, simply install and run Twofoo Catcher. It shows a QR code as soon as it’s launched and automatically closes itself when the QR code is successfully scanned from our Windows Phone apps.

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